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Margowitan Model Forest

Country: Indonesia
Location: East Java (headquarters in Madiun)
Size: 488,924 ha
Year joined IMFN: 2004


Forest and resource profile

The Model Forest consists of plantation forest (78%) and natural forest, including protected forest and a nature reserves (22%). Plantation forests in this area are dominated by teak (63 %), Merkusii pine (25%), and other species such as Mahogany, Eucalyptus, Mindi and Gmelina (12%).

Economic profile

Most of economic life in Margowitan depends on agricultural activities derived from forest resources and from private land. From forest resources, activities such as pine resin tapping, coffee, porang, agriculture (“taungya system” ), wood and non-wood sharing from harvesting, seasonal job opportunities provided by Perum Perhutani (the state owned forest company), and also other non-timber forest products (NTFP) collected by the communities.

From private land, agricultural activities dominate the livelihoods of communities. While others depend on industries such as sugar cane, artisanal industries (wood carvings, furniture and other handy crafts), and as government officers.

Strategic goals

To develop sustainable forest management with the forest communities through a collaborative forest management program known as Pengelolaan Hutan Bersama Masyarakat (PHBM).

Key contact

Mr. John Novarly
Margowitan Model Forest Coordinator
Jl. Rimba Kaya 6  Madiun
Jawa Timur

Phone : + 62-81-25994609