Bringing people together to sustainably manage their forest landscapes in Asia.

Regional Advisory Committee

The RMFN-Asia is overseen by an Advisory Committee composed of the National Focal Point for Model Forests in each member country. Representatives from individual Model Forests can be invited to participate as the need arises and funding is available.

Chairmanship of the Advisory Committee lasts for up to 2 years depending on the progress of activities of the Committee. Decisions are made based on consensus.

The role of the Regional Advisory Committee focuses on:

  • Policy and overall decision making
  • Strategic program planning
  • Fund raising and partnerships
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Organizing annual meetings
  • Asia Model Forest representation
  • Maintaining links to the IMFN
  • Ensuring the principles and attributes of Model Forests are maintained

Each National Model Forest Focal Point commits time and effort to provide input into the RMFN–Asia based on their capacities. They are not only responsible for national Model Forest programming, but also play a coordinator role to assist RMFN–Asia in identifying opportunities for strengthening the regional network.